Eat For Energy - 

Choosing whole foods for wellness

Restorative Rest - 

Improving your health & energy through the way you sleep

Fats For Health -

Busting fat myths & using fats to stay fit + well

Workshops & Health Coaching

Simplifying Green Living - Taking the fuss out of going green

Green Your Home &

Lifestyle - Embracing natural ways to keep us & our families healthy

Composting With Ease -   Taking the fuss & stink out of home composting

Plastic Bag Conundrum - 

The why & how of saying No to plastic

Save The Oceans -

What we can do & why

Calm –

Learning calm tools to help deal with daily stressors

Health Coaching -  

1-to-1 mentoring to help you meet your wellness and/or natural living goals

To know more about any of the workshops or about health coaching, please mail me at