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“Feeling more and more positive each day. Realizing that my dreams and hopes for myself are achievable, realizable and not crazy. Learning to eat right and thereby lose weight as a sheer by-product. Always wanted to go natural but didn’t know how to or where to start. This program helped me do that.  

I have learnt to cook more wholesome meals, read my body better and bring about gradual changes one baby step at a time. I can look ahead now more positively with lesser self-doubt, more certainty and better focus.

I have lost quite a lot of weight since we started and my old clothes have started fitting me again. I and people around me have noticed that I much more cheerful and happier than I used to be.

Chandana as a Health Coach is positive, relaxed, puts the other person at ease. Extremely good listener, intelligent and intuitive, supportive and patient.”


“The most significant change in health is that I have not had MIGRAINE ATTACKS for over four months . A second significant improvement is that I have been able to effectively address emotional binge eating and the concomitant health problems that ensued.  I have been able to change over to eating healthy wholesome food and I have enjoyed the transition and experimentations with the new ingredients to cooking. On the emotional and psychological side, I have learnt to go easy on myself, stop being over-demanding/ critical of myself.

Chandana is an empathetic and encouraging health coach.  Firm yet practical and gentle, follows the person along her comfort levels.  A good listener and more importantly is able to understand and therefore identify the core issues, which therefore enabled me to introspect and take the necessary steps.”


“Overall, I appreciate becoming more patient and focused.  Thank you for getting me back to the routine I always wanted. Migraine has come down which makes my day a lot more easier. Appreciate the smaller joys of life much more. Weight loss and Energy level was a significant change from the time I started this programme. Has taken me beyond that too.

For someone who’s not fond of the kitchen, the snappy preparations were welcome. Easy to plan out now.

As a Health Coach, Chandana is great! You made the programme enjoyable Vs the whole “task” thing. And my health coach is now a treasured friend. Thanks !!”


“What I’ve learnt during this health coaching program are weight management, cooking more, healthier choices, starting whole grains and making it part of my everyday life (something I never ever thought of before) and actually enjoying the same. Been more organized and accepting of my shortcomings and my reactions to things. Been more conscious towards in investing for myself – my health, my mind health and happiness.

As a health coach, Chandana is an excellent friend, philosopher and guide who listens to me, with a genuine interest to and try and help me make positive changes in my life, extremely flexible to work with me keeping me and my own needs in mind. Always there to hear my sorrows, never judgmental, and made me realize how important food is to health.”

 Encouraged me to face my fears, and work towards making some positive changes in the times of high stress in my life. I believe what she says and I believe she can make me feel better. Instead of a coach I found a friend.”

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