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Timeless Beauty Secrets – Natural beauty recipes from ancient times & a special discount

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

There is a certain charm in plucking treats from a time that was much simpler and slower than ours. A time when people used the real stuff to nourish their bodies, inside and out. Timeless Beauty Secrets endeavors to do just that – bring forth those beauty potions and recipes that were brewed in the homes of women in another era across the world, and offer them to busy women with whirling schedules. While time may not be a luxury anymore, but the exotic ingredients and beauty products can very well be within our reach.

When Mathangi Sampath, the founder of the brand, sent me samples of 4 of her products and requested me to write a review of her brand, I was curious enough (about how the products really would be) to give it a try.

The products: 3 out of the 4 products came in small plastic containers with handwritten labels, and looked just as good as tiny batches of creams, shampoo and oil whipped up in one’s kitchen. And while I’m that gal who actually makes her own beauty products from scratch in her own kitchen, I wanted to know what value additions made Timeless Beauty Secrets everything that its website claims it to be.

The very first product that I tried was the Indus valley cow ghee foundation, sunscreen & Moisturising Therapeutic BB Cream. One of the brand’s top notch offerings, it claims to moisturize, protect against the sun’s UV rays and also acts like a foundation. While I agree that in look and feel, the BB cream is a lot like a foundation, and has a satiny feel to it, I was personally expecting more moisturizing qualities in it. A tad dry for my skin, I do prefer more emollient qualities in whatever I slather onto my face.

The African Rare Clay Nourishing, Taming and Rejuvenating one for all shampoo & conditioner Duo did exactly what it says it does i.e. I could use it even when I’d forgotten to oil my hair and still not worry about dry hair. My husband and son also tried it, and it worked like as charm for them as well.

The Nile Valley Saffron unscented brightening & repairing delicate lip butter was my next go-to. If there’s someone who needs a really (and I mean Really) nourishing lip balm, then that’s me. A lip balm is my constant companion and having tried all sorts of balms (with not many passing the test of fire), I wanted to see if this could become my trusty pocket content. Topped with strands of golden saffron, this lip balm has a distinct fragrance. And while its jam packed with the goodness of an assortment of butters and oils, I still needed to re-apply it on an hourly basis to prevent my lips from drying. If I could apply this lip balm once and carry on for a good few hours, the Nile Valley Saffron could have been my go-to lip balm.

The very last product that I unwrapped was the Indus Valley Kumkumadi Non comedogenic & Illuminating Ayurvedic beauty concentrate, and I have to say that this is my favorite. Even though I’ve only been using it for a few days, my skin already feels nourished and cared for, and while I’m hardly the girl who’ll notice or even look for “that glow”, I can feel a difference. The pollution in Delhi had been wrecking havoc on my face, and this oil, packed with 30 herbs and Argan oil (besides other good things), is repairing all that damage and restoring balance. So if I had to pick one product out of the bunch, it would definitely be this oil!

Overall brand experience: As a green nut and holistic health coach, I advocate the use of parabens-free, chemical-free and natural body care products – either rustled up at home using grandma’s recipes or sourced from a small business or brand that actually delivers what they promise. Timeless Beauty Secrets is definitely one of those brands that sources authentic ingredients, puts in research and thought into what they are creating and endeavors to bridge the gap between the goodness of the yesteryears & the need for natural living in today’s bustling world.

However, the only thing that I do wish for any commercial natural beauty brand – new or already world-famous, is that they have prices that are a tad less upper crust & exclusive. There is a huge need for more folks to embrace non-toxic lifestyles – for our own sake and for the state of the water bodies, and that will be possible when natural bath & beauty products are available to fit people’s budgets.

For more information on Timeless Beauty Secrets or to shop their products, hop over to their website.

Special discount for GGGG readers: Mathangi has offered a 10% discount to all of your gorgeous girls, who shop via the Timeless Beauty Secrets web store. All you have to do is enter the promo code tbsgg10 during your first purchase. This offer is valid till November 30th 2018. So go on ladies and see what you'd like to treat your skin/hair with.

How to use code - Users will be asked for a coupon code if any at the time of check out. They need to enter this code and the system will apply the discount automatically.

Thanks Mathangi, for sending me the samples to try and review + the discount for our readers.

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