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The Waste Issue by Sangeeta Venkatesh, Padma Shastry and Nivedita Rathaur

"The Earth at stake. A quest for a cleaner planet. Are you ready?"

The question is, are we really ready to clean up our act, mend our littering ways, and do our bit to make this Earth safely habitable? There’s no better time to begin than right now, and one of the best ways to start is by genning up on the waste issue and teaching the younger generation about eco-conscious living. It all begins with awareness and education, and only then can we move on to implementing what we’ve learnt. ‘The Waste Issue’ is just that kind of tool that you as a parent or educator can use to learn and spread this much-needed eco-awareness.

The Team that created 'The Waste Issue' book

What is the ‘The Waste Issue’? It is a book and workbook chock full of information, activities and even poetry that makes learning and implementing planet-friendly solutions fun, simple and absolutely doable. With topics like ‘The History of Waste’ , which details out how our growth, modernity and accomplishment as a civilization is directly proportional to the waste we generate; ‘Peels and Cans and Paper’ about the different kinds of waste we throw out and do these really biodegrade; and ‘Sort it Out’ on safe ways to sort our trash, you’re sure to learn a lot about what really happens to your waste once you throw it out.

‘Where does your waste go?’ gives us an eye-opening peek into the waste management issue (no, our problem doesn’t really end when we dispose off our trash – in fact, it just about triggers the whole eco issue). As dismal as the waste situation is the ‘Power of R4’ provides solutions that each of us can incorporate in our day-to-day lives, while ‘Wet Waste’ lays out composting basics that you and me can do at home.

While the core issue of the book is a very serious one (c’mon, we’ve all wrecked our Earth and we know it), the puzzles, crosswords, craft DIY and poetry + Wriggly the earthworm mascot make all the know-how fun.

My recommendation: I am so glad that there is a workbook like this that educators and parents like me can use to spread the green word. If you’re looking for tools to know more about Earth issues and find ways to start cleaning up your act/nudge others to do so too, then ‘The Waste Issue’ is just the thing for you to refer and run with.

Where can you pick up your copy? or order it directly from Sangeeta by emailing her at

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