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Renu Jain – Creating A Green Skincare Business With Heart & Healing Mojo

#MindfulMonday Mindfulness in terms of what she creates and how she does business is what struck me when I met Renu Jain at an exhibition. While these days, there are a plethora of green businesses that create natural and handmade bodycare products, what made Renu stand out was the generosity and heart with which she runs The Healing Earth.

She not only sometimes offers some of her product samples as gifts to customers (now, please don’t go expecting one ;-)) in an endeavor to explain the importance of a natural product, but also donates what she earns to charities. The Healing Earth for her is an endeavor to give back – to the Earth by creating purely natural products, to the society – by sharing her earnings with those who need it, to humanity – by employing specially-abled people.

Today, Renu Jain has joined us at Gorgeous Girls Go Green to talk about her green business and why natural products are so much better for the Earth.

C. Tell us more about yourself & where you’re based, your green business and how & when you started.

R. Ours is a business family with its roots in Faridabad, Haryana. We are mainly in the business of manufacturing automobile parts for companies like Honda, Maruti, JCB etc. The elders in the family live by the motto of simple living. My husband is very particular about what we eat. We grow our own vegetables and bake our own bread, thereby keeping the store bought products to the minimum. It was this philosophy that led to the inception of THE HEALING EARTH, where our motto is ‘use on your body, what you can eat’.

C. What kind of products can one source from your brand – please tell us more about the range that you offer?

R. Our brand is mainly in natural skin care products. The oils are cold pressed in the workshop from different seeds which are sourced directly from farmers from all over the country. The oils, creams and scrubs have no additives and are edible.

C. What is the price range and are these available through exhibitions or even online?

R. The entire product line is available online, and each product is priced between Rs 100 to 800, depending on what you choose. We regularly participate in exhibitions so as to create awareness among people about the ill effects of chemical products. We also have workshops where people can have first hand experiences of the wonders of totally natural products.

C. What is your philosophy and thought process behind this venture?

R. The idea behind this project was to help the society on a multi level basis. It has been a conscious decision to employ specially-abled people so as to make them self reliant. No chemical additives are used in the products, which decreases their shelf life. But making a healthy profit by compromising on our values is not an option. The company is still in its nascent stage and is yet to make profit.

C. Which products are your favorites and why?

R. My personal favorites are the scrub (same is used on body and face), cream and the oils - mainly Hemp oil and Jojoba oil. What makes these special is that along with their magical effect on the skin, they can be customised also. For e.g. customers can add any fragrance of their choice. There is total flexibility.

C. How do you think using green products impacts a person’s lifestyle and the planet’s wellbeing?

R. First of all, we need to comprehend the effect that the explosion of the human population has on earth. Our dependence on artificial chemicals is affecting the little natural resources that are left on earth. For example, the chemicals in synthetic soaps, shampoos are washed away and taken either into rivers or ground water thereby polluting them. This is not a small amount when we consider the whole world population. We cannot afford to have a myopic view of what is happening around us.

Also, we can feel the difference when we use something that is given by earth rather than made on earth. Example: difference in the freshness when you drink a glass of coconut water or watermelon juice as compared to artificial energy drinks.

C. Would you like to add anything?

R. People today need to look a little ahead...... they need to let go of their obsession of brands that are loaded with synthetic additives and try to make a little space for mother earth. Only then can we leave a better, greener, and healthier Earth for the generations to come.

C. Please share any links through which people can find out about your products.

R. Our entire product line is available on

Also we customize our products according to customer needs.

Thanks Renu, for joining us!

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