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Pari's Wellness & Green Living Concerns

#GreenGalStories Meet Pari.

A professional with an alternative career roller-skating towards her 40's, she has two kids in tow, a husband who helps at home, and work that satisfies her but occasionally befuddles her too. Most of her friends are in full-time jobs that leave them no time for themselves or are home makers, who have a full schedule, juggling their kids' classes/their own social commitments/family requirements.

Pari likes the idea of living a #healthy life. She also understands that there's a connection between the wellness of the Earth and our own #wellbeing. However, she seems stuck. "How can I make these changes while also looking after my family and spending time at work?" - a question she often asks herself.

Some of her concerns: "I'd like to incorporate #exercise into my everyday routine, but can't seem to get down to it every single day." "How can I make a small difference to the Earth's health?" " I've heard of composting, but don't know how to start." "I'd like to balance my hormonal health, but it sounds too complicated." "I'd like to be a few pounds lighter, but nothing seems to be helping." "How can I find a way of eating for my family and me that's healthy but not fad/diet-oriented?" "I'd like to raise #eco-conscious kids, but not sure what I really need to begin with."

You see, Pari's questions can be your questions or my questions. Pari can be a few years over 40 or a handful of years below 30. Pari can be the #mother of 2 kids or 1, or even none.

Pari can be a sharpshooting professional, a work-from-home gal or a home-maker. Pari's concerns can very well be our own.

Pari is every woman who gravitates towards Gorgeous Girls Go Green/ to look for answers, find support and seek out her answers via knowledge.

If you're someone like Pari or a friend of hers, join us on to tuck into green wellness articles or to reach out for support.

How would you like 4G to help in your wellness and green living journey?

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