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Hygge for Happiness - Savor your self-care

In a bustling and always busy era like ours, slowing down and staying home are considered boring. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often been ribbed and made fun of by some, for not enjoying shopping, partying and being popular. The thought today is that if you’re not doing what everyone is doing and posting photos of it on social media, then how happy are you truly?

Hygge, on the other hand celebrates those moments that’s dismissed by our fast-paced society. Pronounced as “Hue-guh”, this Danish word is more about the feelings that certain things evoke.

Hygge as a a self-care tool

Be it a quiet moment spent with family and friends at home, relishing that cup of coffee, writing in a cozy setting with your favorite pen, to baking a treat for the family, Hygge is a fusion of quiet happiness, contentment and slowing down.

If you’re living a whirling life with too much to do or too many people to please, I’d say give Hygge a shot and see how it ushers in happiness. Here are a few Hygge things to do:

Create Hygge corners around your home: Add a dash of cozy around your home with little nooks with candles or lamps, jars of fresh flowers, some pretty linen, books and a few things that give you joy. While Hygge doesn’t mean that you have to buy new things or add too many things to your décor, it does mention adding more warm lighting and mellow to your abode.

Give your phone a break: This is my current mission to ban phones from the bedroom, an hour before we go to bed and on the whole, flick through the phone less. If you’re adding Hygge to your life, be present in real time conversations and reduce the amount of time you give to your phone or tablet screen.

Rustle up a meal together: I enjoy cooking with my family giving me company in the kitchen, or collaborating on a special meal with my husband. While it may look like a very sedate thing to do, especially on a Friday evening, you just might be surprised at how heart-warming and fun this can be. The bonus here is that you have a hot, homemade meal or treat to tuck into right after that.

Bring out those board games: When was the last time you played a board game? I’m guessing when you were a child yourself? Treat yourself to the simple pleasures of spending an hour playing a favorite board game with your partner or family.

Wear something comfortable: These days the focus is more on looking good instead of feeling good. But Hygge turns the spotlight on your comfort. Instead of tight, restrictive clothes that make you look sexy but feel uncomfortable, go for clothes that feel more comfortable. Choose fabrics that feel good, and colors that you enjoy.

Relish your warm drinks: Let’s not forget that Hygge originated in Denmark, where winters are long and hard, and warm drinks are a treat. For folks like us in warmer countries, we can always savor hot beverages like coffee, masala chai or hot chocolate during the nippy winters or long days.

Slow down and savor a weekend: I’ve noticed that weekends are about just as much of hustle bustle as the busy work week. From pub hopping to throwing lavish parties to hitting the mall to buy things that we don’t really need, it is trendy to show up and move it always. I, on the other hand, enjoy staying home with my husband and son, pottering around the garden, reading, watching our favorite Netflix series, and napping.

Interestingly, Hygge encourages creating such moments and I must say, you come out into the new week, all fresh and rejuvenated.

I hope you give Hygge a try, especially if you’re craving a cup of self-care!

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