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Heyday – Sustainable Sanitary Napkins For A Safe Period

Whenever there is a discussion about #sustainable menstruation, reusable cloth pads and moon cups are on the top of the solution list. And rightly so because when you use any of these, you’re sending out zero waste into the landfills.

But again, like everything in life, every solution need not fit everyone’s needs. Personally, I haven’t been able to nudge myself to wash reusable cloth pads diligently or make sure that they’re drying under the hot sun to nuke off any lingering bacteria. And never having used tampons, I’m still not sure about the idea of inserting a cup to collect the period blood.

A sustainable menstruation option: So for a #greengirl like me, who’d like to use a safe sanitary pad without contributing to the 9,000 tonnes of soiled sanitary waste per year that doesn’t really biodegrade, what are the options? I have been using homemade, disposable cloth pads for the lighter days of my period, but was still looking for a safe sanitary napkin for the heavier days.

This is where Heyday comes in. I’d read about founder Deepanjali Dalmia’s quest to introduce a safe and biodegradable sanitary napkin to the Indian woman. I’d seen the cheery yellow and blue boxes on their Facebook page. But I was yet to order and try their product.

My experience (note - this is Not a sponsored review) : A short while ago, Heyday made their product available online (you can order from anywhere across India) and purchasing it required less than five short minutes. Opening a happy yellow and blue box with seven naturally-made Ultra-thin sanitary napkins tucked inside was the beginning of a happy period experience for me.

With covers made of cornstarch, and napkins crafted with breathable and absorbent corn and bamboo fiber (which have natural sterilization/anti-bacterial qualities), these pads are a treat to use. The pack says “the super soft organic corn and bamboo fibre top sheet has an absorbing capacity three times of regular cotton that assures no leakage” and rightly so. I used them on the heavier days without worrying about staining.

What added to the satisfaction was the knowledge that Heyday pads are devoid of toxins, perfumes and polymers & within six months of disposal, they’ll biodegrade.

Will I use Heyday next month too? Yes! And this time, I’m going to order MaxiFluff and give that baby a shot.

What’s in your usual sanitary pad? What many of us don’t really think about is that even the most fanciest of sanitary pads in the market contain 90% plastics.

These not only come wrapped and packaged in plastic, but are made with polymers, perfumes and antibacterial agents that block the airflow to the vagina, leach chemicals into the body and release toxins that can disrupt endocrine and hormonal functioning. Regular use exposes us to a host of health issues like rashes, yeast infections, UTI’s and even cervical cancer. Add to that the fact that when dumped into landfills, these soiled sanitary napkins languish there forever.

As for using the cotton pads in the market, we still can’t determine if the cotton used in those have been laden with pesticides or not.

I hope you found my Heyday review helpful. If you’re curious about these natural sanitary napkins or want to buy a couple of packs for yourself, hop over to their website

Have you used Heyday sanitary napkins? Let me know what your experience was like.

Know anyone who is looking for a sustainable and safe period experience? Share this article with her.

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