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6 Ways to Reuse Your RO Water Purifier’s Waste Water

Most of us have a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier at home these days. And these purifiers let out waste #water that is three times the amount of the water it purifies. With the waste water pipe positioned right above our sinks, imagine the amount of water we let trickle away. If you’d like to be mindful about the way you use every drop of #water in your home, here are some simple ways that you can reuse this waste water, and actually #savewater in your daily life.

save water
Water is precious

The impure water generated by the RO purifiers are loaded with total dissolved solids (TDS) and salts, which makes it a complete no-no for bathing or drinking. But if you collect all of this water in buckets around your kitchen sink, there’s still plenty you can do with it.

1. Use it for mopping your floors. Houses in India need both, dry sweeping and wet mopping to keep the floors squeaky clean. Instead of using fresh water, use the waste RO water to mop your floors.

2. Need to wash your car? Whether you wash it every other day or on weekends, use a couple of buckets of RO water to spruce up your car.

reuse to water plants
Mix with normal water & use it to water plants

3. If you’ve got decorative plants or a garden to tend to, try using the waste RO water to water them. Since the water has salts and TDS, try doing this gradually, watering a few plants at a time and checking the effect of the water on it. You can also mix equal quantities of normal water with this waste water before showering your plants with it.

4. You can even wash your utensils with this RO water. Use the stored water or try rinsing your utensils as it trickles out of the pipe.

save water
Save water

5. Whether you wash your clothes by hand or use a washing machine, you can replace regular tap water with waste RO water. Either position your RO right above your washing machine or pour bucket loads of it into the washing machine. For delicate garments, you may wish to use only normal water though.

6. Instead of flushing your toilets every time, pour the stored RO water. You can even use waste RO water to clean your bathrooms, sinks and fixtures.

A little bit of mindfulness on our part can go a long way in saving water. Let’s not wait for the #ShimlaWaterCrisis repeat itself again and again, throughout the country, throughout the world.

Call to action: How will you begin reusing the RO water?

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