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5 Ways To Create A Sustainable Restaurant Experience

Who doesn’t like eating out every now and then? A break from home cooking, dining out at a restaurant is all about the culinary adventure and family time (or me time), all rolled into a convenient package. However, as we relish our food, do we pause to wonder if our restaurant experience is #proplanet or anti-earth?

Eco-friendly eating
Sustainable restaurant experience

There are small things that we as individuals or a family can do to make eating out at a restaurant or fast food joint, sustainable and green.

1. Refuse a straw when you order that mocktail or cocktail. Whatever your beverage of choice may be, ask the server to Not bring a straw with it. Carry your own bamboo or steel straw from home instead or ditch the straw completely if possible.

eco-friendly coffee experience
Say No to Styrofoam coffee cups

2. Say No to a Styrofoam coffee cup. Whether it’s a coffee on the go or a soda to sip along with your burger, try not to let your beverage container add to the landfill. Ask the waiter to serve your beverage in a glass tumbler or offer your own traveling mug that you’ve toted from home.

3. Carry your own water bottle from home and refuse a disposable water bottle. It’s a trend now at restaurants to offer customers bottled water. But all it takes to stop yet another plastic bottle from ending in the landfill or the ocean, is to fill a steel bottle from home and ask for a jug of RO water, if you’d like a refill.

4. Wipe out food wastage. If you’ve got leftover food after you’ve feasted, request the server to pack it up in a ‘doggie bag’ instead of throwing it away. There is no shame in not wanting to waste food and neither is there any prestige in throwing away a portion of a perfectly edible meal.

steel containers
Pack up leftovers in steel containers

5. Offer your own containers for packing the food. Restaurants often pack leftover food in plastic or foil containers. So, instead, keep a couple of steel containers handy to pack up all those leftovers in.

These 5 steps are simple and doable. All it takes is forming a new habit and flexing that green muscle.

What do you do to make your eating-out experience more sustainable? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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