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5 Reasons You Should Not Download Our Free Online ‘Simple Green Living’ Workshop

I get it - #greenliving is not everyone’s ‘thing’. It isn’t a burning concern for many; not something to add to your already busy to-do list; and, definitely not a favorite teatime topic.

But whether we like it or not, toxins and pollutants are part of our daily weave. From the air we breathe (even indoors) to the water we drink (even filtered), the luxurious body care products that we slather onto our skin to the luminous colors we streak onto our hair, to every bite of food we chew and enjoy – there’s something undesirable in everything we consume. Also, every choice we make has an impact on the Earth’s health. This doesn’t mean we start living in fear; but, it does make one pause and wonder about the brouhaha about green living and whether it’s even necessary.

What we often overlook is that our health is intrinsically and deeply connected to Mother Earth’s wellbeing. We may not be able to reverse the pollution issue or clean up all the muck that we as a race have already piled onto the planet, but our actions can very well be part of the solution – for our health and the Earth’s.

My lovingly put-together offering available for FREE on – a 17 minute audio talk on very simple and doable ways to clean up the toxins in your home and bring on an Earth + health friendly way of living, helps you do just that. Be part of the solution for yourself and your family, rather than be part of the problem.

However, I also get it that not all of you might listen to a workshop (even if it’s a gift) on green living of all things. Here are the top 5 reasons, you may not want to sign-up for the workshop:

1. You prefer using skincare products chockfull of toxins & see no reason why natural bodycare products are necessary to make you feel + be healthier.

2. You believe that there really is NO connection between our health and the Earth’s wellness, and so eating organic, composting, detoxifying your cleaning products, saying No to disposable plastic etc are someone else’s cup of tea.

3. You don’t have time and/or interest in caring for your wellness.

4. You’d only like to purchase my paid workshops and forgo the free one.

5. Green wellness…green living…eco lifestyle..EEKS! No thank you very much.

For those of you, who’re wondering what’s really in these 17 minutes of audio:

green living
Simple Green Living - a gift for you & your family

1 big idea: Nurturing the well-being of our families need not be complicated or expensive + it all begins with baby steps:

1. Simplifying + using gentler personal care options: We just have one body and it makes sense to put NON-TOXIC stuff onto + into it.

2. Crafting an earth + wellness friendly lifestyle: From what we eat to what we drink to how we use the resources we have at our disposal, we’ll explore doable ways that are easy on our health and earth.

How to download: Pop in your email id into the sign-up form to receive the workshop download + our newsletter or green wellness updates.

If you’re living green or want to explore green wellness, I invite you to download this free workshop.

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