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15 Fun Ways To Re-purpose Those Jam Jars

I’m a hoarder when it comes to jam and condiment #jars. The moment a jar gets empty, I give it a good wash with hot water and soap, and if I’m feeling particularly energetic, then soak them in a vinegar and water solution to peel the sticky labels away. Once these are dry, I stash them in an old cardboard box in my kitchen, ready to be used for an assortment of things.

Here are some of the ways I use them:

1. Store your spice mixes in old condiment and jam jars. Whether you’ve ground up some fresh spices or have opened up a pack, pour it into a repurposed glass jar.

2. Fill them up with rice, lentils and cereals. Those large honey and jam jars are perfect for storing your everyday staples.

3. Use as a vintage tumbler/glass to sip your smoothies and juices from. Instead of buying a set of jar glasses, reuse what you already have.

4. Instead of a pen stand, pop your pencils and market pens into these jam jars.

5. Use them to store your craft supplies like buttons, rolls of lace and ribbon, and sequins.

6. Turn a jar into a vase for wild flowers.

7. Stash your sprinkles for cake decoration in these.

8. Make desserts-in-a-jar. These look decadent and are convenient to carry, in case you want to gift something like this to a friend.

9. Make your own meals-in-a-jar. Whether it’s a doodle or pasta dish or a crunchy salad or trail mix, add all your ingredients in a jar and take it to work.

10. Gift a hot beverage mix in a jar. I want to try making my own hot chocolate mix and herbal tea mix in a jar. This might make for an interesting edible gift too.

11. Create your own terrarium with miniature pebbles, plants and accessories. Like a small slice of your very own paradise, terrariums are the way to go for anyone who adores a dash of green in their apartment or office. The kind of terrarium I want to make? A mermaid or fairy terrarium.

12. Use them as tea light holders when you’re decorating your table for a party.

13. Serve fruity cocktails in them if you’re hosting an informal party or a party with a rustic theme.

14. Turn them into treat jars as birthday party favors by filling them to the brim with assorted sweets. Just make sure that you’re not giving these to small children, who might drop and break these.

15. Fill them up with twinkling fairy lights to turn a jar into a bedside lamp.

These are some of the things that I do (and want to do) with my old jam and condiment jars. How do you re-purpose your jam jars?

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