5 Reasons You Should Not Download Our Free Online ‘Simple Green Living’ Workshop

I get it - #greenliving is not everyone’s ‘thing’. It isn’t a burning concern for many; not something to add to your already busy to-do list; and, definitely not a favorite teatime topic. But whether we like it or not, toxins and pollutants are part of our daily weave. From the air we breathe (even indoors) to the water we drink (even filtered), the luxurious body care products that we slather onto our skin to the luminous colors we streak onto our hair, to every bite of food

Attract Birds To Your Garden With These Simple Ways

by Ankita Priyadarshini Here's the first of the #greengarden series from our new #Gardening Columnist Ankita Priyadarshini, who'll be writing about #ecogardening DIY methods that anyone with a yard or balcony can implement to grow a #sustainable #eco-system of their own. Over to Ankita: Come summer, most of us take out water bowls for #birds in our #gardens or balconies. Some of us continue this practice year long. We keep feeders or simply grains in a bowl. However, birds st

Greening Your Hotel Stay With 4 Sustainable Steps

Staying at a hotel can be a luxurious experience – plush rooms with marshmallow-soft beds, lavish buffets to tuck into and every facility at your doorstep. But as comfortable as hotel rooms are, how green is your stay (I bet, not much)? Photo credit: Frommer's Hotels can generate a colossal amount of waste in order to offer their customers a happy experience – plastic bottles, plastic dessert containers, tonnes of newspapers food, bath essentials and more. While I get it tha

Heyday – Sustainable Sanitary Napkins For A Safe Period

Whenever there is a discussion about #sustainable menstruation, reusable cloth pads and moon cups are on the top of the solution list. And rightly so because when you use any of these, you’re sending out zero waste into the landfills. But again, like everything in life, every solution need not fit everyone’s needs. Personally, I haven’t been able to nudge myself to wash reusable cloth pads diligently or make sure that they’re drying under the hot sun to nuke off any lingering