What's the Good, Bad & Ugly about Bottled Water?

#BottledWater may seem like a boon when you’re thirsty on a hot day and haven’t carried drinking #water with you. But there’s a heavy price to pay for that momentary relief. Not only is the water in those #disposable bottles not as pure as you think, but once you chuck it in the bin or on street corners, it’ll go on to harm more creatures in its 1000+ year lifetime. The good about bottled water: Stacked in kiosks, restaurants and grocery stores, bottled water brings relief to

Greening Your Hotel Stay With 4 Sustainable Steps

Staying at a hotel can be a luxurious experience – plush rooms with marshmallow-soft beds, lavish buffets to tuck into and every facility at your doorstep. But as comfortable as hotel rooms are, how green is your stay (I bet, not much)? Photo credit: Frommer's Hotels can generate a colossal amount of waste in order to offer their customers a happy experience – plastic bottles, plastic dessert containers, tonnes of newspapers food, bath essentials and more. While I get it tha