Timeless Beauty Secrets – Natural beauty recipes from ancient times & a special discount

There is a certain charm in plucking treats from a time that was much simpler and slower than ours. A time when people used the real stuff to nourish their bodies, inside and out. Timeless Beauty Secrets endeavors to do just that – bring forth those beauty potions and recipes that were brewed in the homes of women in another era across the world, and offer them to busy women with whirling schedules. While time may not be a luxury anymore, but the exotic ingredients and beauty

DIY Body Butter To Nourish Dry Summer Skin

For many years I used store-bought #bodylotion to keep my dry skin hydrated. However, during the drier months in summer and winter, no amount of body lotion (or oil) - even those promising extra moisturizing, could stop my skin from becoming itchy. After years of dreading these months and hoarding up on body lotion, I finally hit the jackpot with this #homemadebodybutter recipe. While reading about homemade skincare options, I chanced upon this book series called The Buttered

6 Toxins Lurking In Your Body Lotion

What if I told you that your commercial #bodylotion is a bunch of #toxic chemicals masquerading as a luxurious #skincare product? And no amount of ‘natural peaches’ or ‘real strawberry’ labels can actually make it the real thing? And no, you don't have to believe me - just grab a bottle of body lotion from your shelf and read the ingredients in it. Photo credit: Useful Home Remedies I used to love those bottles of body lotion, till I actually began reading the labels. Could I

Renu Jain – Creating A Green Skincare Business With Heart & Healing Mojo

#MindfulMonday Mindfulness in terms of what she creates and how she does business is what struck me when I met Renu Jain at an exhibition. While these days, there are a plethora of green businesses that create natural and handmade bodycare products, what made Renu stand out was the generosity and heart with which she runs The Healing Earth. She not only sometimes offers some of her product samples as gifts to customers (now, please don’t go expecting one ;-)) in an endeavor

5 Natural Skin-moisturizing Solutions

Our skin is our largest organ, and nourishing it with something that’s actually natural, is one of the best ways to take care of it. There are a host of reasons for ditching commercial body lotion, no matter how expensive or upper crust these might be. But once we ban them from our bathroom cabinet, what do we bring in to moisturize our skin? Here are 5 kinds of oils and natural butters that I use to keep my skin soft and supple. Umm yes, I did say oil and no, these don’t lea