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Timeless Beauty Secrets – Natural beauty recipes from ancient times & a special discount

There is a certain charm in plucking treats from a time that was much simpler and slower than ours. A time when people used the real stuff to nourish their bodies, inside and out. Timeless Beauty Secrets endeavors to do just that – bring forth those beauty potions and recipes that were brewed in the homes of women in another era across the world, and offer them to busy women with whirling schedules. While time may not be a luxury anymore, but the exotic ingredients and beauty

The Prodigal Cook - Creating Farm-to-table experiences for Urban Indians

At a time when all our food comes in plastic packages from supermarkets and home delivery services, it is refreshing to come across #urbanfarms in bustling cities that are sharing this experience of growing food with anyone who'd like to go back to their roots, literally. The Prodigal Cook - an urban farm in Noida founded by Neha Bhatia and Puneet Tyagi, grows organic produce, works with the local people to help them adopt organic agricultural practices & creates farm-to-tab

Araatrika - Jagruti Khabiya-Jain's Happy Green Stationary

Meet Jagruti Khabiya-Jain and her happy, green venture, Araatrika, that is synonymous with beautiful & purposeful recycled stationary. From gorgeous notebooks made with leftover paper from printing presses and bound with cloth from tailors + designers to newspaper pencils packed with seeds that you can plant and recycled seed paper & cards, this eco brand has set out to change the way we look at and use our stationary. Dig right into this #greenstory. C. Tell us more about y

Life Meets the Lens – A Nature & Wildlife Retreat in the Palampur Forests

Featuring social enterprises and green businesses that help change the way we treat our Earth, help us go green & stay well + bring about change are one of the core pillars of the Gorgeous Girls Go Green e-magazine. Today, we have Vikram Singh & Apoorva Bhatia over for a chat about their green venture ‘Life Meets the Lens’ – a unique nature + life sciences based workshop in the forests and mountains of Palampur. C. Tell us more about Life Meets the Lens. V & A. Remember your

Himalayan Haat - An Accidental Farmer's Farm-to-Bottle Biz

Hello green folks! Today, I’m chatting with Divya Chowfin, the founder of a #greenbiz, Himalayan Haat – a farm to bottle enterprise, where they “use the naturally grown produce from the farm to create homemade and preservative-free preserves, coolers, seasoning salts and herbal infusions”. A niche, handmade green business that also provides employment to the women of that region and carries on the legacy of living green that Divya’s father infused through his conservation and

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