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10 Wellness & Sustainable Lifestyle Goals for 2019

Hello everyone! 2018 passes on its shining torch to 2019 in a few hours. Since we’re already minting new #goals, why not pencil in ones for our own health and the planet’s wellness? #Sustainableliving impacts our own wellness and finances as well as benefits the Earth we live on. Every resource on this planet is depleting quickly, pollution and disease are rampant, and environmental changes are impacting you, me and the people we know. If our small steps can contribute to a m

9 Ways to Celebrate A Green Christmas

#Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about decorating a tree, waiting for Santa (or the legend of him) to pop in with gifts, baking a decadent white cake and huddling around a bonfire with my family. As merry as this winter festival is, like almost all festivals, it leaves a big, fat carbon footprint on the Earth. From huge trees strung with power-guzzling lights, reams of plastic and foil gift-wrapping that’s used, more presents that have use

9 Plants that Purify Indoor Air

The smog season is just around the corner. If you live in Delhi, then you already know how suffocating toxic-filled air can be. If you’re in any other city, then it’s imperative to know that the air we breathe – even the air inside our homes, has enough toxins to cause ill-health. While investing in an air purifier and activated charcoal bags are good stuff, marching in a green army of indoor plants is a great ways to purify the indoor air, while adding serenity and beauty to

Rohan Chakravarty - Bringing forth conservation & wildlife issues through Green Humour

Hello everyone! GGGG is at the brink of change. With a transfer order in our pocket (we are a #military family), those mammoth trunks (big black fauji boxes) to pack, and a small town in the near horizon, I've been thinking of ways to continue this green work from a place where it will be all about juggling the many fauji social commitments, slower internet, and still offering value to my tribe and people around. But I believe, wherever there are humans, there's the imperativ

Araatrika - Jagruti Khabiya-Jain's Happy Green Stationary

Meet Jagruti Khabiya-Jain and her happy, green venture, Araatrika, that is synonymous with beautiful & purposeful recycled stationary. From gorgeous notebooks made with leftover paper from printing presses and bound with cloth from tailors + designers to newspaper pencils packed with seeds that you can plant and recycled seed paper & cards, this eco brand has set out to change the way we look at and use our stationary. Dig right into this #greenstory. C. Tell us more about y

Life Meets the Lens – A Nature & Wildlife Retreat in the Palampur Forests

Featuring social enterprises and green businesses that help change the way we treat our Earth, help us go green & stay well + bring about change are one of the core pillars of the Gorgeous Girls Go Green e-magazine. Today, we have Vikram Singh & Apoorva Bhatia over for a chat about their green venture ‘Life Meets the Lens’ – a unique nature + life sciences based workshop in the forests and mountains of Palampur. C. Tell us more about Life Meets the Lens. V & A. Remember your

8 Ideas To Create A Bee-friendly Garden

by Ankita Priyadarshini Last time, we discussed about birds – how to make your space inviting to them. Today, let's talk about a very important stakeholder in gardens that most of us forget about - the humble bee. Bees are pollinators, and they do so much more than collect nectar for short term and long term consumption. It is imperative that we keep them in mind while planning our green spaces. Bees pollinate not just your garden, but most of the world’s food crops – meaning

5 Reasons You Should Not Download Our Free Online ‘Simple Green Living’ Workshop

I get it - #greenliving is not everyone’s ‘thing’. It isn’t a burning concern for many; not something to add to your already busy to-do list; and, definitely not a favorite teatime topic. But whether we like it or not, toxins and pollutants are part of our daily weave. From the air we breathe (even indoors) to the water we drink (even filtered), the luxurious body care products that we slather onto our skin to the luminous colors we streak onto our hair, to every bite of food

What's the Good, Bad & Ugly about Bottled Water?

#BottledWater may seem like a boon when you’re thirsty on a hot day and haven’t carried drinking #water with you. But there’s a heavy price to pay for that momentary relief. Not only is the water in those #disposable bottles not as pure as you think, but once you chuck it in the bin or on street corners, it’ll go on to harm more creatures in its 1000+ year lifetime. The good about bottled water: Stacked in kiosks, restaurants and grocery stores, bottled water brings relief to

Himalayan Haat - An Accidental Farmer's Farm-to-Bottle Biz

Hello green folks! Today, I’m chatting with Divya Chowfin, the founder of a #greenbiz, Himalayan Haat – a farm to bottle enterprise, where they “use the naturally grown produce from the farm to create homemade and preservative-free preserves, coolers, seasoning salts and herbal infusions”. A niche, handmade green business that also provides employment to the women of that region and carries on the legacy of living green that Divya’s father infused through his conservation and

17 Sassy Ways To Save Water And Electricity This Summer

Summer’s here, and so are power cuts and water shortage issues. We may fret and complain when our basic needs aren’t met with ease, but electricity and water cuts are just a ‘gentle’ reminder that the Earth’s resources are dwindling. “The Earth has enough for our needs, but not for our greed.” Apply this quote to every natural resource and you have your answer about how we as global citizens should spend every resource that we have at our disposal. With droughts rampant acros

Amit Godse - The Buzz About The Bee Man

If you thought that bees are a hazard because they can sting, then speak to Pune’s '#Bee Man' – Amit Godse, who has a diametrically opposite explanation for this. “#Bees are very important and 73% of pollination around the world is done by them,” quips this software-turned-bee conservationist. “1/3rd of what we eat comes from the #bees.” #Bees at risk: With a decline in bee population due to pesticides, anti-environment agricultural practices and incessant pest control, our f

The Waste Issue by Sangeeta Venkatesh, Padma Shastry and Nivedita Rathaur

"The Earth at stake. A quest for a cleaner planet. Are you ready?" The question is, are we really ready to clean up our act, mend our littering ways, and do our bit to make this Earth safely habitable? There’s no better time to begin than right now, and one of the best ways to start is by genning up on the waste issue and teaching the younger generation about eco-conscious living. It all begins with awareness and education, and only then can we move on to implementing what we

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