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Rohan Chakravarty - Bringing forth conservation & wildlife issues through Green Humour

Hello everyone! GGGG is at the brink of change. With a transfer order in our pocket (we are a #military family), those mammoth trunks (big black fauji boxes) to pack, and a small town in the near horizon, I've been thinking of ways to continue this green work from a place where it will be all about juggling the many fauji social commitments, slower internet, and still offering value to my tribe and people around. But I believe, wherever there are humans, there's the imperativ

Himalayan Haat - An Accidental Farmer's Farm-to-Bottle Biz

Hello green folks! Today, I’m chatting with Divya Chowfin, the founder of a #greenbiz, Himalayan Haat – a farm to bottle enterprise, where they “use the naturally grown produce from the farm to create homemade and preservative-free preserves, coolers, seasoning salts and herbal infusions”. A niche, handmade green business that also provides employment to the women of that region and carries on the legacy of living green that Divya’s father infused through his conservation and

Preserving Nostalgia - Summer & slow living

Hello green folks! Meet Surabhi Ganguly, the co-founder of The Wagabond Chefs & The CoCo Market – a sustainable, earth-friendly & handmade market in Pune. The Wagabond Chefs will be writing a monthly column here at Gorgeous Girls Go Green about their take on green living, sustainability, slow lifestyle and everything in between. Here’s the first in the series about the delicious stuff summer holidays were made of. Handing over the page to Surabhi Ganguly: #slowsummer #summerh

Attract Birds To Your Garden With These Simple Ways

by Ankita Priyadarshini Here's the first of the #greengarden series from our new #Gardening Columnist Ankita Priyadarshini, who'll be writing about #ecogardening DIY methods that anyone with a yard or balcony can implement to grow a #sustainable #eco-system of their own. Over to Ankita: Come summer, most of us take out water bowls for #birds in our #gardens or balconies. Some of us continue this practice year long. We keep feeders or simply grains in a bowl. However, birds st

Greening Your Hotel Stay With 4 Sustainable Steps

Staying at a hotel can be a luxurious experience – plush rooms with marshmallow-soft beds, lavish buffets to tuck into and every facility at your doorstep. But as comfortable as hotel rooms are, how green is your stay (I bet, not much)? Photo credit: Frommer's Hotels can generate a colossal amount of waste in order to offer their customers a happy experience – plastic bottles, plastic dessert containers, tonnes of newspapers food, bath essentials and more. While I get it tha

17 Sassy Ways To Save Water And Electricity This Summer

Summer’s here, and so are power cuts and water shortage issues. We may fret and complain when our basic needs aren’t met with ease, but electricity and water cuts are just a ‘gentle’ reminder that the Earth’s resources are dwindling. “The Earth has enough for our needs, but not for our greed.” Apply this quote to every natural resource and you have your answer about how we as global citizens should spend every resource that we have at our disposal. With droughts rampant acros

Amit Godse - The Buzz About The Bee Man

If you thought that bees are a hazard because they can sting, then speak to Pune’s '#Bee Man' – Amit Godse, who has a diametrically opposite explanation for this. “#Bees are very important and 73% of pollination around the world is done by them,” quips this software-turned-bee conservationist. “1/3rd of what we eat comes from the #bees.” #Bees at risk: With a decline in bee population due to pesticides, anti-environment agricultural practices and incessant pest control, our f

The Plastic Bag Pandemonium And 4 Ways To Sort Through It

Whether we go to the vegetable market, the grocery store, the mall or the supermarket, everything that we buy is packed into #plastic bags of varying thickness. It seems convenient, toting our purchases back in these #plasticbags. But there is a serious price to pay – a price that sadly is easy to ignore till we see the figures or the damage that they are wrecking first hand. Pic credit: The Stupid Design Here's a taste of it: According to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regio

Pooja Dhingra Cuts The Crap With An Alphabet Chart

Taking care of the #planet isn’t cumbersome. What it takes is a #mindful approach and a good, hard look at the #waste we’re generating. And while we read snippets of it in magazines, attend eco talks and think of adding green living to our busy list of to-dos, Pooja Dhingra’s project actually cuts to the chase and lays out 26 doable ways to #CuttheCrap. An independent conceptualiser and graphic designer, who lives and works out of Delhi, Pooja created this graphic checklist t

Pari's Wellness & Green Living Concerns

#GreenGalStories Meet Pari. A professional with an alternative career roller-skating towards her 40's, she has two kids in tow, a husband who helps at home, and work that satisfies her but occasionally befuddles her too. Most of her friends are in full-time jobs that leave them no time for themselves or are home makers, who have a full schedule, juggling their kids' classes/their own social commitments/family requirements. Pari likes the idea of living a #healthy life. She al

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