Enactus SVC – These College Students Are Being The Change They Want To See

What happens when you put a group of enthusiastic college students, and a bunch of social and eco issues together? You get Enactus – a global organization with 72,000 students in 4,700 colleges worldwide, doing their bit and more to make this planet a better place to live in. This is a student-led organization that is committed to “transforming lives and shaping a sustainable world, economically, environmentally and socially”. Yes, most of us associate college kids with chil

Pooja Dhingra Cuts The Crap With An Alphabet Chart

Taking care of the #planet isn’t cumbersome. What it takes is a #mindful approach and a good, hard look at the #waste we’re generating. And while we read snippets of it in magazines, attend eco talks and think of adding green living to our busy list of to-dos, Pooja Dhingra’s project actually cuts to the chase and lays out 26 doable ways to #CuttheCrap. An independent conceptualiser and graphic designer, who lives and works out of Delhi, Pooja created this graphic checklist t

Kumbaya: Stitching Up Stories

Gora walks on her hands, all the way on the dirt track from her house in the village to the bus stand. She’s lifted up by the conductor and then helped down the bus, when she reaches Neemkheda, where she works as a producer at Kumbaya. Gora, a tribal woman in a small hamlet in Madhya Pradesh, doesn’t have legs but that doesn’t stop her from going to work, where she stitches up a storm on a simple sewing machine. For Saroj, it’s been a story of grit and determination to suppor