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green wellness

Welcome to our community for Gorgeous Green Gals!

Change, whether it’s for your wellness or for the Earth’s wellbeing, can be difficult. But when you’re part of a supportive community of like-minded women, with whom you can share your journey, then these changes do not seem over-whelming.

Lush Green Wellness is our niche online community, where we share, learn and build warm connections with each other. We support each other as we create a nourished and green life for our families and ourselves. In a nutshell, this community is that comfortable chair (with cushions and a cashmere throw), where you’d like to nestle in with a cup of coffee and create a calm & cozy Hygge moment just for yourself.

So, join us at Lush and invite the women in your lives to be part of this merry little wellness bandwagon. See ya around :-).

Click here to join the tribe...

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