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About Us

Hello and welcome to Gorgeous Girls Go Green, a community for women who want to lead a vibrant, healthy & green life!


I’m Chandana, a writer, teacher, Certified Health Coach, yoga teacher, green wellness educator, lifelong learner, mother and Air Force wife. After 22+ years as a freelance journalist working from obscure corners of the country, writing about health and lifestyle, I chose to study wellness at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and get certified as a Holistic Health Coach.  I worked with several women through my health coaching practice (called Luscious Health), including military officers, helping them meet their wellness goals through practical steps.

Eventually, as a new mom wanting to get back my balance and create a grounding fitness routine, I enrolled for a Yoga Teacher’s Training and specialized in gentle yoga for women as well as kids’ yoga.  Currently, I’m in the midst of my Women’s Wellness Educator’s training at the Well Grounded Life Institute, and studying Ayurveda with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Being a a bit of a green nut, nature enthusiast and mom, who wants to offer a wholesome, clean and healthy life to her family and herself, I decided to fuse my passion for this lifestyle with my education. The result? Gorgeous Girls Go Green, a passion project that offers practical solutions and tools to women to help them stay well, go green and be creative. We also work with children, empowering them with green living know-how – which is the need of the hour, so they can make better decisions about their health by caring for the planet they live on.

Gorgeous Girls Go Green (4G) also plans to offer tangible products in the near future to help you banish toxins from your self-care routine + swap disposables for products that are Earth & body-friendly.

The Team:

The Elf: No project is complete without our in-house Elf. From managing our technical support to whipping up skincare products, the Elf helps out in a myriad of ways. Since he’s quite shy, he’s enjoys behind-the-scene work and is right now telling us to not write anymore about him.

                       Mita Banerjee

She is an Eco Warrior, writer, social activist and creator of Team Miracle – a support group that connects those who need help with those who want to give back to the community. Mita spearheads several environmental causes to make her corner of the world a cleaner and plastic-free zone. She is also my mother and the inspiration behind this project.


                      Radha Kunke

A writer, organic soap maker and soap artist, Radha is a friend of Gorgeous Girls Go Green. Right from brainstorming the name of our brand to helping us set up our handmade body care product venture, she has been there, supporting us and cheering us on through this journey.

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