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Chandana Banerjee
Meet Chandana - Creator of Gorgeous Girls Go Green


Hello! I’m a Green Wellness Coach, and combine my Holistic Health & Women's Wellness Certifications with my green living know-how to help moms and homemakers simplify and create sustainable lifestyles that have a positive impact on their health, their family's wellness and the Earth. I live and work across the country, and am also a writer, artist, micro biz coach to military wives & moms, a homeschooling mom and a military wife. 

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Do you wish to empower yourself with more knowledge and practical know-how? We at Gorgeous Girls Go Green offer workshops, coaching and courses to help you deepen your understanding about your wellness and tap into your own healing. We also connect the dots about how our health is connected to the wellness of this Earth, and offer practical & simple ways to achieve your holistic health & green living goals. You’re welcome to join our caring community of women at Lush Green Wellness, where we share, learn and support each other through our own journeys.
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  • Women's Wellness

  • Detoxification- Kitchen/home/body care

  • Nutrition & Meal Planning

  • Self-care & Holistic Nourishment

  • Green Living

  • Creativity for Overall Wellbeing

  • DIY Skincare & Sustainable Lifestyle 

  • Sustainable Style

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